Hunnic Cyber was born out of an idea - to provide world class nearshore adversary simulation, assessment and training services to the international business & regulatory community.

Established in early 2019, we have steadily grown both our internal team, and also our highly experienced, tightly knit team of associate security consultants. We have delivered work internationally including in the UK, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

We run our technical team from Hungary, a country with a rich heritage of computer science and indeed where Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann (Neumann János) laid the foundations for modern computing and from where 100,000 inventions have originated.



I worked with Hunnic Cyber for a red teaming exercise and an external penetration testing. We have been fully satisfied in both cases. They demonstrate professionalism associated with high level of involvement in service delivery. The delivery had been performed with information exchanged all along and they demonstrate great ability to adapt their focus based on our needs, finding and timeline evolution.

We change providers every year and as a result experienced a lot of penetration testing teams, clearly Hunnic Cyber demonstrate one of the greatest technical ability and we saw their commitment and passion for this highly technical domain.

I can only recommend them if you really want to test and find out where your security need to be improved.

Antoine Fabry - Former CISO at Banque Havilland S.A, Luxembourg




We believe that in order to achieve a world class mindset, coupled with world class capabilities, one needs to specialise.

That is why we focus purely on technical offensive security and we will not work in other areas (unless using our partner network) solely for the sake of generating revenue.

We deliver technical adversary simulation, assess machine learning models and deliver technical training with a focused approach to bring you world class offensive security services.




IN MEMORIAM - Czakó Emerencia Ágnes