Hunnic Cyber - Scenario Based Penetration Testing

Scenario Based Testing

At Hunnic Cyber we do not believe in just running vulnerability scans against your external infrastructure and providing reports based on individual vulnerabilities.

We believe in simulating adversaries whether these be rogue employees or contractors, criminal gangs, or activists, and then replicating their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to assess your capabilities to defend from these threats in a realistic exercise.

We will work with you to identify your threat profile and agree on scope, engagement length and the aims of the exercise.

Hunnic Cyber - Advanced Intrusion Testing

Advanced Intrusion Testing

While it is not possible for Hunnic Cyber to replicate Nation State adversaries in their entirety across the board, we can simulate long term attacks, using custom tools and implants.

From gathering information about your organisation, to developing custom toolkits specific to your environment Hunnic Cyber can assess your capabilities to defend from advanced attackers operating in your network for months.

These attacks typically have very little limitations of scope, and assess your technical controls, physical security controls, your people and your processes simultaneously.

Hunnic Cyber - Phishing

Phishing & Vishing

Your employees are often your weakest link when it comes to defending from attackers seeking financial gain or sensitive data.

Hunnic Cyber can perform phishing campaigns to emulate credential theft, assess awareness, and even assess your technical controls in place.

Alongside phishing we can perform telephone phishing (vishing) assessments to attempt to extract information from your employees verbally.

Hunnic Cyber - Physical Penetration Testing

Physical Security

Whether you are an organisation with a single office, or a company spanning multiple countries and operating your own datacentres, physical security is of paramount concern.

Hunnic Cyber works with Hungarian ex-military and ex-special forces personnel who have experience assessing physical security controls.

We can perform assessments in any geographical location and holistically assess your physical security.


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