Hunnic Cyber - Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application

The proliferation of the internet has resulted in the emergence of a plethora of web technologies used to present information, drive e-commerce, provide software-as-a-service, and provide both critical and non critical systems & functions for businesses, governments and the healthcare sector.

Hunnic Cyber can help your organisation to identity weak points in these web applications in a controlled environment replicating the tools and tactics of real world adversaries.

Hunnic Cyber - Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application

Hunnic Cyber is able to perform penetration tests against mobile applications running on the Windows Phone, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Our consultants have a robust mix of penetration testing and development skills which allows them to understand how applications are built.

Armed with this knowledge we can attack your applications and find security vulerabilties and provide effective remediation advice.

Hunnic Cyber - Web Application Penetration Testing

Source Code Review

While dynamic testing can uncover a wide range of vulnerabilities in applications, a full white box test that incorporates source code analysis can offer better code coverage.

Using a mix of automated tools, manual source code analysis and dynamic testing Hunnic Cyber can attack your applications from the inside out providing effective vulnerability identification.

Languages: .NET, Javascript, NodeJs, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and Golang.