Nearshore Cyber Security

Adversary Simulation

Hunnic Cyber is an nearshore adversary simulation, training and software development provider based in London & Budapest.

Hunnic Cyber

About us

We are a nearshore adversary simulation, training and software provider.

We specialize in providing holistic offensive security solutions to the Western European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

From individual application penetration tests, to adversary simulations and red teaming engagements spanning months, we provide top tier penetration testing services for less.

We are headquartered in London, with our technical hub based in Budapest, Hungary.

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Hunnic Cyber - Application Testing

Application Testing

We provide penetration testing to identify vulnerabilites in mobile and web applications.

  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Source Code Review

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Hunnic Cyber - Adversary Simulation

Adversary Simulation

We are able to mount simulated targeted attacks to simultaneously test your people, processes and technical controls.

  • Red Teaming
  • Purple Teaming
  • Black Teaming
  • Advanced Intrusion Testing

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Hunnic Cyber - Tooling

Custom Tooling

We are able to develop a wide range of both offensive and defensive security tooling, adapted to your workflow.

  • Offensive Security Tools
  • Custom implants
  • IR & Threat Hunting Tools

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We deliver advanced technical training.

Our courses are delivered by expert instructors, that can be taken 100% online in the areas of Red Teaming, Machine Learning, Malware Development and more. We also provide live trainings at client request.

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AI/ML Research - Blog Post

Learn how we used Machine Learning to develop a network share password hunting toolkit.

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Strategic Partnership - Saudi

Read about our partnership with Fiduciam Global in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Public Speaking - HAVOC

Our Founder will be speaking at the Hackers Academy Virtual Online Conference on July 21st.

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Cyber Essentials - Press Release

Read how we achieved the leading UK Govt endorsed Security industry certification – Cyber Essentials.

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Public Speaking - Luxembourg

Our Founder spoke at the Luxembourg Security Summit on March 4th around Cyber Criminal OSINT.

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Our thoughts about COVID-19

We explore the gepolitical & economic lessons to be gained from COVID-19 relating to the CISO.

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