Hunnic Cyber - Offensive Security Tools

Offensive Security Tools

There is an abundance of open-source penetration testing software available publically. However there is a lack of enterprise grade attack tools used when performing assessments, that fits the bill while being simultaneously affordable.

Hunnic Cyber creates and develops tools for use in penetration testing, red teaming and exploit development activities.

We are able to produce custom tools for clients, to address specific tooling needs.

Hunnic Cyber - Custom Malware

Custom implants

We believe that the future is polymorphic malware. Hunnic Cyber is working to create implants that use machine learning techniques to aid the operator and cut down error and guesswork.

Alongside developing machine learning infused tools, we are focused on developing command and control channels using non-standard protocols such as OneDrive, SMTP, Skype For Business and others to better replicate tools used by APT groups.

Hunnic Cyber - Threat Hunting

IR & Threat Hunting Tools

We are also able to develop threat hunting tools to aid your workflow.

You often may have the in house capability to develop such tooling, however owing to time and financial constraints, actually getting the tools made can be a battle.

Hunnic Cyber is on hand to develop custom tools in C#, C++, C. Python, Ruby, VBA, Ansible, Terraform and other technologies to deliver you rapid turnaround.


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