Starting August 18th 2020, Budapest - Training

Adversary Simulation

You will learn topics ranging from programming (C/C++, C#, VBA, Python), Malware, C2, Social Engineering, Tool & Lab Building, some Reverse Engineering, AV/EDR Evasion, OSINT, Machine Learning, Phishing, and more in the this 2 week live Adversary Simulation training.



As attackers become more and more innovative, using both low level assembly at the bottom end all the way through the OSI model up to using Machine Learning automation at the top end of the corporate IT stack to achieve their aims, attackers need to adapt.

This live training will teach you what you need to know across the full stack, simplified into repeatable, QA'ed ordered processes to take on advanced, mature organisations and governments using Advanced Persistent Threat tactics and those devised at Hunnic Cyber.

You will be pushed hard, with multiple trainers delivering specialised seminars in the relevant areas, practice on virtual labs, perform the actions yourself and take home custom Hunnic Cyber software, methodologies and tactics available internally only.

This is our flagship training, and has a number of pre-requisites outlined below.

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To effectively conduct Red Team operations across the entire corporate PP&T stack, you will need lab environments fits for purpose. In the training you will learn to build, manage and maintain a complete Red Team lab with an AV farm, Active Directory environments for payload testing, and an ICS lab.

Practical Red Teaming

As part of the training, you will have access to multiple environments to perform phishing, OSINT, malware development & execution, Reverse Engineering, Command & Control Design and automation, test various techniques and perform QA's of your entire technical procedure.

Extensive Theory

This training will introduce you to the three layers targeted - technology, people and processes, and how one can effectively combine and compromise mature global organisations and governments by taking advantage of failings in this layered stack and how to remain undetected, hide your C2 and movements.



Hardware & Software

A properly configured system is required to fully participate in this course with minimum requirements below:

CPU - 64-bit Intel i5/i7 2.0+ GHZ processor
Enabled "Intel-VT"
USB3.0 Type-A port
100GB Free space
Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise with WSL2

Technical Knowledge

It is recommended that you have a general understanding of how programming is done, some understanding of networking, are familiar with standard and non standard protocols used in TCP & UDP network communications, have played with a debugger, and have conducted some penetration testing.

While all areas of the course will be explained in depth, to complete you will require focus, attention, hard work and an open mind!



On completion of the training, Hunnic Cyber will present trainees with a certification, similar to the sample pictured, and receive both a digital and hard copy print of the certificate.

This training will certify that you can complete complex Adversary Simulation exercises, from a blank slate, social engineer entry into the organsation using world class deception methodology, fake referencing and digital assets, hide command & control origin, traffic and communication, deploy persistence, to achieving information and operational dominance in the target network, with an ability to exfiltrate highly sensitive data, completely compromise finanical assets, further social engineer high value targets within the network, and maintain persistence until the engagement is over, leaving behind no trace or identifiable attribution of long term exploitation.

Some attention will be paid to reporting, providing insight as to what issues were identified, and how to present this information in a way that senior management, and technical & remeadiation teams can address issues within the organisation, based on the philsophy of "zero trust".

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Hunnic Cyber - Application Testing

August 18th 2020 - 11 Spots

First of three trainings to take place this year.

  • £3,300
  • One Off
  • Tools & Course Notes Included
  • Full bed & board & airport transfer
  • 10 Full Training Days

Hunnic Cyber - Adversary Simulation

September 18th 2020 - 11 Spots

Second of three trainings to take place this year.

  • £3,300
  • One Off
  • Tools & Course Notes Included
  • Full bed & board & airport transfer
  • 10 Full Training Days

Hunnic Cyber - Tooling

November 18th 2020 - 11 Spots

Final training to take place this year.

  • £3,300
  • One Off
  • Tools & Course Notes Included
  • Full bed & board & airport transfer
  • 10 Full Training Days



Hunnic Cyber - Offensive Security Tools

Tom Kallo

Tom has worked on a broad range of cyber security exercises for governments and affiliated Oil & Gas entities in the UAE, the FS sector in the UK and Luxembourg, the TMT, FMCG and Chemical Sectors in the UK, has taken part in regulatory driven CBEST & TBEST engagements in the UK and took part in a six month complex Advanced Intrusion Test against a leading UK bank.

He is OSCP certified, has completed Sensepost’s BlackOps Master Training alongside The US Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Cyber Security Training. He has also achieved the Practical Threat Hunting certificate by Applied Network Defense, and is a Professional Member of the British Computer Society.

He has spoken as a plenary speaker at the Luxembourg Cyber Security Summit, has delivered training seminars at GCHQ accredited Information Security programmes at Royal Holloway and Greenwich Universities around Red Teaming in London, and has delivered a private training in Budapest for the largest West African cyber security consultancy.

Tom is has developed SharpSniper, SharpDomainSpray, Fene, and co-developed SharpML, developed a PoC for acheiving RCE using an XSLT injection in Ektron CMS among other internal tools, including SharpHungarian with his dog :)

References available on Linkedin:


Guest & Single Day Trainers

Hunnic Cyber works with highly experienced testers, programmers, architects, defenders and responders.

Throughout your training at Hunnic Cyber, these partners will be present to deliver guest presentations alongside assistance with developing training materials, and providing expert tuition.

They will also be on hand to deliver their own in depth trainings later this year around cyber defence, threat hunting and incident response in ICS/SCADA and corporate IT environments.



Hunnic Cyber works with elite UK and Hungarian freelance trainers and training companies to deliver you world class tuition. Some of these partners are list below.


Peter Zsiros


Gabor Szabo

Averisk Information Security

Timur 'x' Khrotko




Given that Hungary mandates a 14 day quarantine for new arrivals (subject to change), Hunnic Cyber will arrange a pick up from airport for all confirmed & paid for trainees, and provide housing during the training. The housing will provide a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen facilities, swimming pool, and an outside space alongside food that is prepared throughout the two weeks.

With COVID-19 under management in Hungary, and all public services resumed, international travel advisories do not prevent European nationals from entering - the UK's foreign office travel advisory is linked below.

Our accountants and legal representatives will also make contact once a place is purchased to co-ordinate timings and assist with mandatory Hungarian paperwork prior to entry, and all necessary support before and after arrival here.

UK Advisory

Magyar Advisory



Answer: Please think carefully before purchasing the course. We do not offer any refunds.
Unfortunately for our trainings we use multiple training staff in specialist areas and therefore we have our own costs to manage.
Given that we have limited places on the course, they are a first come first served basis.